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No Mask? No Worries!

Don’t stress.
About your ONE mask, that is.
(Stressing about street kids in Vietnam or climate change is totally acceptable.)
If you're joining us at ONE The Entrepreneurs Charity Gala but aren’t sure you can muster up a mask in time, never fear.
There’ll be masks for sale BEFORE and ON THE NIGHT OF the event (including gorgeous, colourful and unique ones that kids from Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation have made themselves. How special is that?)
Masks are for sale now on our website and keep your eye out on our Facebook page for fire sale auctions - where one majestic mask per day will go to the highest bidder.
This event isn’t about standing on ceremony. It’s about standing together in a room to support ONE incredible cause – masked or not.
We can’t wait to see you for a night of fun, food and philanthropy.
Oh, and haven’t got tickets? You definitely don't want to miss out on those. Get yours now!

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