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    Children's Foundation

    Entrepreneurs together for ONE Cause, Blue Dragon Children's Foundation.

    ONE Theme, masquerade, to raise $100,000

    Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

    Since 2003, Blue Dragon has transformed the lives of over 68,000 children, one child at a time. From a life on the streets, being trafficked or otherwise in desperate need, many of the children have gone on to become engineers, top award-winning chefs or successful business owners.

    Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

    In Vietnam Blue Dragon has:

    • Sent 4,048 kids to school & training
    • Rescued 544 trafficked children
    • Provided shelter to 292 girls & boys
    • Served 409,383 meals
    • Built 82 homes for families
    • Distributed 39,587 litres of milk
    • Handed out 59,714 kilos of rice
    • Reunited 320 runaways with their families
    • Taken 1,316 kids for health checks
    • Put 7 teens through drug rehab
    • Obtained legal papers for 7,966 people
    • Placed 207 teens in jobs
    • Played 2,012 games of soccer!
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